Addicted To The Ink

I am addicted to the ink getting under the gun the needles prickling through my skin I can feel the pain
the artist becoming the canvas blood, sweat and tears
the pain in the needle the image of repairs

addicted to the ink another tattoo on my body do I feel complete
listen to the music forgetting about the scars focused on the downbeat

painting the skin the blood in the ink
the heat wave the power of the sun no water I need a drink

the needle in the skin puncturing out ink of black and grey
the pain is only weakness leaving the body the price you have to pay

addicted to the ink the poet becomes the art revealing the truth
the outcast in today’s society an adult with the mind of the youth

the blood in the ink the pain is all gone now it’s time to heal
the body painted in scars through life experiences the cards that you reveal

Written By Joe Fettig

Dear Future Ex-Wife

dear future ex-wife I wanted to marry you at one point in my life
the chemistry we have between us I think you be a good wife

the feminist court system love is a business to make us consume
men are going their own way so we will never meet in a courtroom

no hymen no diamond I am red pill to the core
the juice isn’t worth the squeeze your just a worthless whore

you don’t see my value I am going my own way so fuck love
I am not going to accept your flaws there is no such thing as true love

dear future ex-wife our love is only temporary so forget about the honeymoon in Hawaii so kiss your dreams goodbye
I can’t trust you the love we had was a lie

I am going my own way now the love we had turned into one major disaster
the old fashion love is gone you can only have one master

dear future ex-wife I can never show you my real true passion be sweet
never taking accountability for your actions all feminist cheat

Written By Joe Fettig

I Will Never Love Again

I will never love again because I took the red pill I feel no emotion I have became heartless
I am not playing games anymore I am willing to walk away the writing and the rhyming is artless

why should I love again ? take my kindness for weakness you have underestimated my power my true strength
waking up to the truth of reality the red pill has put my mind on another wavelength

I would rather focus on my own purpose and my own goals
I don’t need a relationship to make me happy you can’t manipulate me with sex just face it you have no control

I will never love again I would rather build my empire transform into the red pill king
I have no feelings for you I just need that pussy for only one night your just a fling

I don’t need no baby mama drama in my life I am going to leave you no reason to provide
go into ghost mode I know how to hide

I am going my own way there is no way to stop me I am on my own path
I am running away from that crazy bitch she’s a psychopath

I will never love again I don’t want to waste my time I don’t chase
modern women today are trash their such a disgrace

Written By Joe Fettig

Red Pill Warfare

men going their own way is the purpose I have found in this life
I took my red pill today so I will never seek to have a relationship and find a wife

I am sick and tired of these feminist bitches always shaming men for their problems you have a career and now your ready to settle down
looking for that simp to lock-down who will be your servant and entertain you like a clown

the feminist movement needs to be destroyed corruption in our government through social engineering steering a society to complete destruction
marriage and birth rates are falling the sex robots are coming soon the new world order of reproduction

more men are taking the red pill and waking up men that go their own way are peaceful and enjoy their freedom no reason to protest
modern women don’t bring nothing to the table just used up pussy so men are just going to walk away were not going to invest

the feminists are going to freak out after their eggs are all dried up and now they can’t lock-down that high value man who is going to commit
the feminists are brainwashed and lost acting masculine not feminine no wonder why they refuse to submit

men have no reason anymore to be traditional and old fashion now the feminists need a man begging for a second chance
the gender war is never going end the death to romance

Written By Joe Fettig

The Marriage Strike

men going their own way is growing everyday men today want to avoid relationships and marriage
men are just a slave in the marriage the fairy tale is dead no more riding away on a horse and carriage

modern women today are so toxic and disrespectful why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free
the roles are reversed now more women are going to be proposing to the man getting on one knee

the legal system hasn’t changed men are still getting divorced raped and committing suicide the court system built to destroy good men is full of greed
men are going their own way now walking away from marriage ladies need to learn you don’t bite that hand that feeds

modern women complain that there are no economical attractive men to marry but they don’t want to self reflect on their own problems why don’t you take a look into the mirror
being all alone when your forty not being able to lock down that beta male simp provider is that what you fear

men are on strike we are tired of being manipulated just watch the red pill army grow larger there will be consequences for your lack of accountability for your actions
feminism is going to completely destroyed in a few years men going their own way is the counteraction

the marriage strike is going to have a powerful effect on this generation men are just going to walk away
men are going their own way now we no longer want to play

Written By Joe Fettig

The Coronavirus Conspiracy

The Corona-Virus has changed the whole world effecting businesses and people’s lives are we getting set up for the new world order ?
another way to control the population is to create chaos and disorder

orchestrate a stock market and bitcoin crash we are living in a digital age
the freemasonry brotherhood taking their work underground the world is just a stage

mandatory vaccines to the Digital I.D. being slowly conditioned for the chip
become a citizen in America be a prisoner in your own home an invisible dictatorship

we are all under surveillance the elite just know how to keep the sheep in line
confusing the masses from good and evil the devil is divine

lower the population enough with war and famine get total control
robots roaming the streets in the future the new police patrol

refusing to wear a mask will get you kicked out of the store and arrested
the new program is in place the humans have been tested

the corona-virus will lead us all into a cashless society the revelation has come true the mark of the beast
the world controlled by devil worshiping satanists the devils horns shown by the high priest

the new world order is here everything is hidden in plain sight
spiritual warfare is happening to us right now the disease is mutating into a parasite

Written By Joe Fettig

Thou Shall Not Simp

Thou shall not simp stop putting women on a pedestal giving away free attention and money
she has no respect for you at all you just look weak and funny

thou shall not simp living in a generation of weak men we need to bring back masculinity
if we don’t the future of men who are forty year old virgins who still haven’t lost their virginity

thou shall not simp stop subscribing to only-fans because your just feeding their entitlement and narcissistic attitude
start focusing on your goals and purpose in life don’t be afraid to be alone and work in solitude

thou shall not simp men are just disposable in society women don’t even give us any respect
now they want us to provide and protect they just want that easy money your just a pay check

thou shall not simp that’s why more men are going their own way
the philosophy for all men we are just tired of all the games we don’t want to play

thou shall not simp men going their own way is going have a ripple effect across the whole world
the feminists still wanting to become a Disney Princess one day trapped in the matrix there is no escape from the dreamworld

thou shall not simp men are waking up this is the year of transition
men are going their own way taking the red pill everyday don’t fall for the females tricks anymore complete the mission

Written By Joe Fettig

The Cat Lady Apocalypse

the cat lady apocalypse is among us modern women are digging their own grave
have fun living in your world of equality your just another slave

men are refusing to commit to modern women we don’t want someone with a high body count
now you expect captain save a hoe to come along with a nice bank account

there will be many lonely cat ladies in the future modern women don’t want to show cooperation and submit
men are not the problem we are just going to walk away your unfit

the feminist agenda is being pushed through the media and all throughout our culture
they don’t want equality they want superiority love is dead the counterculture

men going their own way won’t win all the battles but we will win the war in the end
living in a generation with many leftover and unmarried women the feminists can’t even get a boyfriend

the cat lady apocalypse is here the feminist are in power now we can watch the whole world fall apart
women don’t know how to love a man they have no heart

Written By Joe Fettig

Never Going To Commit

I am never going to commit to any of these modern women I have no reason to commit
they want their cake and want to eat it too they bring nothing to the table and won’t even submit

I am done wasting my time I am done playing their stupid games
buy your own god damn wedding ring your the problem but men are just the ones to shame

men are walking away from marriage and relationships in the future many women will be all alone with their cats
men are tired of being manipulated by women but she is still riding the cock carousel drinking box wine and getting fat

The Manosphere is growing more men are waking up not getting married until they change the marriage and divorce laws
we are not playing your stupid games anymore this is the last straw

I am never going to commit to any of these women because they bring no value in my life
modern day women never make any of these garden tools your wife

I am never going to commit to any of these entitled narcissistic bitches they don’t want to go through the struggle with me so they get left behind
I don’t have time for any games I am too busy on my grind

Written By Joe Fettig

Men Going Their Own Way is the Future

Men going their own way the future because more men are walking away from love and relationships
being labeled as a misogynist for having standards the feminist demand censorship

more men are waking up taking the red pill we are not going to get married so you can use us for our resources then end up in divorce court
we are just going smash and pass no long term relationships no more paying child support

modern women are not worth dating because nobody wants a relationship they all want sex
just have a one night stand don’t catch any feelings then go to the next

men are going their own way because we are tired of being manipulated yet modern women will never take accountability for their actions
they only love what you can do for them women don’t know how to love a man to them men are just financial transactions

men are going their own way so no more old fashion love and dates
where have all the good men gone ? you were fucking Chad and Tyrone and you kicked them to the curb so enjoy your box wine and cat food your biological clock is ticking so now you have to deal with a lonely fate

men going their own way is the future because the depopulation agenda is part of the masonic plan
modern women will never understand men going their own way yet they try to act like a man

Written By Joe Fettig