The Pandemic

People are getting more and more sick worldwide
government and officials are keeping many secrets classified

an American nightmare hundreds of body bags on the streets
it’s funny how we live in a time when history repeats

the news and the media don’t want us to panic should we believe all of their deceptive lies
going to the grocery stores just to find out there are no more supplies

running out of resources martial law all the major cities are on lock-down
slowly depopulating the planet the big shutdown

Restricted travel and military checkpoints set up to stop the disease
world wide pandemic that all started from overseas

quarantine the virus before the whole world will be out of control
death is coming soon six feet under in the black hole

Written By Joe Fettig

Roof Top Tent Living

being homeless living in my roof top tent
I don’t have to stress no more over paying rent

I can camp anywhere I just got to find the right spot
living through all weather conditions cold and hot

I don’t get depressed being homeless I go to the gym
doing a daily workout routine trying to stay slim

my car is packed full of blankets and cloths necessities and stuff
some people don’t know how I survive I guess life is rough

being ex military I have learn to adapt in all types of conditions
working a full time job I just keep moving I have relentless ambition

maybe one day I can pay off all my debts and buy a house
live the American dream cultivate plants start a greenhouse

Written By Joe Fettig

The Workout Routine

I want to be healthy so I workout everyday
I start off by stretching out and getting my body warmed up
lifting some weights doings different sets and reps the buildup

working the upper body working on strength and tone
I am in no competition with no one I workout alone
going at my own pace one hour to two hours a day
motivated to change I push myself everyday

running on the treadmill at a steady pace
listening to my music my mind is way off in space
doing thirty minutes of cardio becoming soak in sweat
no pain no gain is the right mindset

no more drinking and smoking getting away from the party lifestyle
I have longevity I have to push myself every mile
having the motivational mindset I can workout anytime
think of things to write then come up with another poem or rhyme

Written By Joe Fettig

I will never marry you

I will never marry you because the times have changed
I am not a sucker for love one broken heart fair exchange
you want me to wine and dine you treat you like a princess
I am the white knight
then once I turn my back you talk shit to your friends get drunk and want to fight

you want me to be loyal to you when you won’t even suck my dick
thinking that I am cheating on you with some side chick
bridezilla want me to buy you a ring make you a baby lock me down
take all my money and my pride a dog in heat looking like a silly clown

use me and abuse me the toxic relationship from hell lasting five to ten years
becoming a broke and drunk alcoholic drinking cheap beers
with my eyes full of tears

I will never marry you because you post negative rants about me on facebook
telling everyone I am nothing just a two faced crook
I will never marry you because there is no relationship without trust
so now I am going to walk away from it all and leave you in the dust

Written By Joe Fettig

I Am An Alien

I am an Alien from a far away galaxy visiting planet earth
here to mate with all the exotic females to create a hybrid rebirth
with my technology I can seduce you and make you my slave
my science experiment inject you with metal so you behave

I am an Alien I live in a base deep underground
when the nuclear bombs go off I won’t even here a sound
working with many governments we remain unknown
disinformation all around another gene to clone

I am an Alien I am here to help the human race
the invisible force I will disappear and leave no trace
mating with the females creating a hybrid of my kind
blending in with the human race all by design

I am an Alien time traveling through space and time
back to the dark ages the paradigm
going through the wormhole into another dimension
my mind becomes lost in suspension

I am a Alien here on planet earth to complete a secret mission
surrounded by crooked politics and lies just another superstition

Written By Joe Fettig

Left Handed Writer

Left handed people think differently than other people
off in your own little world the ink drips from the pen
in the shape of being formless morphing into different kind of animal in the game
evil genius or just literally insane
underground artist fading strangely as a ghost into the unknown

blood in the ink of the mighty pen of the Knights Templar
take the oath then summon the spirits from the dark-side

using the pen more than the sword
writing out the spell using code words
solve the problem decipher the code
placing non sense on the piece of paper
the mission of the traveling soul
journey to the holy land
the unknown soldier facing life and death

abstract thinking experimenting with the art to open the doors
the fallen star slowly fades into the darkness
the great unknown

Written By Joe Fettig

The Nomadic Lifestyle

I feel like am detached sometimes always moving from one place to another
do I really need all these useless possessions
becoming a slave to the debt and the money
I want to move through life flowing like water
a steady flow not too fast or slow
society is judging me as a lost soul

I am not a slacker I am a hard working person
I am just not having the best of luck
money problems and management seems to be the big issue
sometimes I miss having a home

trying to adjust to the new living standards
I just want to live rent free with no stressful house payment
I just want to feel free and not be a slave to society

The Nomadic lifestyle is my choice
I must keep moving forward on my path
the path to enlightenment

Written By Joe Fettig

Antique Collector

I guess I found myself a new hobby I am going to collect antiques
looking for vintage mickey mouse collectables
even some rusty coca cola signs
turning my house into a museum
have all these valuables be mine

I started off collecting vintage playboy magazines then it became an addiction
wanting to collect a little bit of history turning this story into non-fiction
finding rare and unique things the vintage porcelain set
going to the local auction going to place a large bet

placing all my valuables behind a sheet of glass
with a short story behind the items memories will forever last

Written By Joe Fettig

Living Off The Grid

Sometimes you want to get away from it all
get away from all the distractions in society
unplugging from the internet
never ever using a phone
I now feel in tune with nature
I now longer feel alone

I built my own house using solar panels for energy
growing my own fruits and vegetables
living a much healthier life style
I have never felt as free

using my resources as a skilled hunter
I set up booby traps to attract the prey

catching a rabbit making my own beef stew
survival of the fittest
living off the grid
has changed my life style and choice of views

living off the grid
living as a man with no women in my life
the outcast of society
this is my life
living off the grid

Written By Joe Fettig

Unsolved Mysteries

Crimes and being committed everyday
people are being murdered
missing people and children becoming cold cases
put up on a board of all the forgotten faces

human trafficking is one of the world’s oldest trades
living in fear all locked up a working class sex slave
a new law should pass where no missing person’s case will ever go cold
working for a secret  agency we are here to problem solve

recruiting secret agents even psychic spies
the beginning of pre-crime no more lies
predicting criminals every single move
trying to fight the law they will lose

restoring faith to humanity with a helping hand
solve all the forgotten crimes is the plan

sniffing out and searching out in the blue
finding that one piece of the puzzle inside the clue

give me a challenge I know every case can be solved
the human race has finally evolved

Written By Joe Fettig